The Canada Goal - GOALS & DREAMS session is most relevant for a (Sr) high school audience and young adults. At this mature stage of learning (growth/development) most individuals are faced with the preliminary thoughts of real life independence and responsibility. This transition from childhood to adulthood is inevitable and the goal of this session is to assist participants to build healthy habits & routines toward setting their GOALS and following their DREAMS.

Key concept (C);

(C) GOAL SETTING; This part of the presentation describes the 'process' of setting and achieving goals. It is safe to assume that if an individual understands the 'stages of setting & achieving a goal' - it is more likely they'll be able to walk themselves through the process with success. A theoretical module is introduced & reviewed called;
The Transtheoretical Stages Of Change developed by James O. Prochaska

; This KEY concept is reviewed with a 'simple' recommendation - The value of a TO DO list. From a neuroscience perspective; (following & revising) this list will help your MIND to FOCUS on the GOAL and remind YOU to take ACTION. If the participant understands that SUCCESS is each day along the way... they're in a good position to start achieving their DREAMS.

"If this is the vision of the future; if this is the direction we want to move. Well then, we next have to decide what we are going to do to get it done. Visions are not self fulfilling. We cannot stand idly by and expect dreams to come true on their own power." (RFK 1968)