Elementary, Junior & Senior High Schools - The Canada Goal

" A BIG learning experience - for SMALL schools too."

Welcome to The Canada Goal... a powerful and positive learning experience for schools in Manitoba , Saskatchewan, Alberta , British Columbia and Ontario. Keynote guest speaker Andre Genthon Sovereign will add value and encouragement toward key aspects of life that relate to the individual desire to LEARN and to BE the best YOU can be. This event will inspire daily learning with a mindset of health/growth and leave behind lasting memories that will promote individual/community success & positivity within your learning environment.

Where does the desire to learn come from?
Good parenting and proactive educational institutions are two main influences. However, it is up to each individual to decide to embrace the opportunities to learn in Canada. This initiative is primarily intended to;
Assist elementary, junior and senior high schools with the modern challenge of inspiring individuals to want to learn.
2. Reinforce the importance of positive, respectful individual behaviour and a healthy learning (life) environment.

The Canada Goal is a great way to kick-start the school year (or 2nd half) with a boost of encouragement, positivity and focused intention to bring forward a school community with a healthy mindset of growth and the desire to succeed. This initiative is also ideal for: Mental Health Day, Spirit Day/Week, Values/Virtues Day and divisional/district personal development initiatives, planning & ideas for schools (staff & students).

SESSION SUMMARIES MENU (top left) will explain key concepts and purpose.

FAQ page under the CONTENTS MENU will answer common questions including cost.