Teaching Tools - Mindfulness, Goals, Growth - Leadership Resource

This page is designed as a resource for schools to gain quick access to teaching, tools & helpful follow up material after having experienced The Canada Goal Mindfulness School Assembly. Staff & students across Canada are encouraged to fuel the FOCUS required to successfully create healthy habits & routines with mindfulness toward intentional growth, health and well being.

3 Interlinking initiatives for your school to consider:

Help create a learning culture with a mindful focused approach to GROWTH.
1. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Mindfulness Moments:
Daily: Mindfulness is easily achieved with the potential for significant positive growth/change within your school community of learning. Thought provoking mindfulness statements, questions or exercises for a minute or two as part of the daily morning announcements. Daily breathing exercises and moments of meditation that symbolize our connection to inner strength and awareness. Mindfulness.
Weekly / Monthly: Utilize the leadership minded students within your school and nominate a Assembly Team Leader (Students and/or Staff). Find out who is willing and motivated to help continue a supportive vibration within the school related to creating/maintaining a culture of positivity, self-motivated effort and a mindset of growth. Perhaps weekly or bi-weekly for the first couple of months and then monthly assemblies as the culture begins to synchronize within the school. Activities can include your own unique school brain exercises, relevant motivating/inspirational short video clips and awards/acknowledgements for individuals within the school that are truly embracing the culture with 'focus/action'. Assemblies are effective because it becomes easier for one to motivate their-self when the community maintains a healthy habit/routine toward motivating each other. Keeping in mind that GROWTH is the root goal for all successes - the best rewards are acknowledgements of growth. Frequent, consistent, prompt & supportive compliments - ("Can we all see how focus has helped growth here...?") ("Here's another great example of growth...") This is particularly effective in primary and junior school communities when nurtured consistently as it will teach the learner to value their growth as a primary habit/routine - vs - learning to engage effort with the expectation of toys, treats & tangible items/rewards.
Example of a short motivating video reference: Prince Ea - Truly Lived... - Youtube Video
2. 30 Day Supercharge Your Focus Challenge:
This is a fantastic initiative to evaluate how an increase of healthy nutrients will directly affect an increased ability to engage focus energy. Determine the group of individuals in your school (Staff and Students) that are willing to accept the responsibility of consuming a full 4 cup serving of juiced/blended fruit & vegetables at the beginning of each day before classes begin - then again just before classes begin after lunch. For best results determine a method of accumulating fresh vegetables for the 4 week period and plan to host the initiative at the school. Nominate Team Leaders to make sure the drinks are ready for all participants each morning and afternoon. The overall goal is to evaluate the staff/students ability to focus at the end of the 4 weeks as compared to their level of focus before the 30 day challenge began. Participants should realize a greater sense of focus, positive attitude and happiness as well as a measurable increase/progress toward achieving their daily & short term goals.
NOTE - LEVEL 3 GOAL: This initiative will take place for 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday) as part of the LEVEL 3 One week school visits initiative.
Example of a Food/Health Resource: Food Matters - Information & Guidance: Food Matters - Link
3. Create the Culture - School Arts Team:
The human mind is always receiving information & signals from our surrounding environment. In this age of abundant information - it can be difficult to break through the clutter... With a positive attitude, focus and ACTION, this task can easily be accomplished within your school community environment. Post applicable/appropriate signs, signals, sayings, quotes, posters, videos, images, advertisements, achievements, tasks & tools in the classrooms and around the school to help create/maintain a learning environment that is reminded/encouraged to stay on track with THE GOAL.
NOTE - LEVEL 3 GOAL: This initiative will also take place for 3 days (Tuesday to Thursday) with a Volunteer Staff/Student Arts Team as part of the LEVEL 3 One week school visits initiative.

The following slides can be copied and posted in the classrooms:
Signs and signals will help remind everyone about The GOAL. (Focus, growth mindset, values/virtues, self-awareness, self-discipline, success). The overall desirable result is to teach the individual/learner the value of teaching themselves & reinforcement toward utilizing the deeper inner focus abilities that lead to successful growth.
Utilizing K E Y words and having a classroom discussion brainstorming these slides when posting them will help everyone to keep the goal/culture active within their daily mindset. After an extended period of time neural connections begin to form into more primary thoughts/actions (habits & routines).
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: Stop, Think, Focus represents the process of turning on your brain. STOP is the idea/topic that one begins to draw their attention to. THINK is the process of telling the brain to truly try (effort) to process information regarding this idea/topic. FOCUS is the state of mind where intentional/inner growth takes place. When the individual essentially commands the brain to think deeply. Thinking deeply in a state of focus creates neural connections that last - memory. Learning to be aware of your ability to think deeply and your ability to 'turn it on' will help to create a habit/routine toward self-motivated effort. When the individual realizes this process is working to improve their successes - this core understanding/belief/realization can be described as one of the most valuable habits/routines we can choose to maintain... To be FOCUS AWARE. Meaning to be aware of your ability to engage focus upon your control/command.
SLIDE 2: It's one thing to say the words to another... "You should believe in your-self." Hopefully, we've all heard this from those that are caring for us along the way. However, how many of us truly think deeply about what that really means. The reference to MIND, BODY, SELF has historic value and helps to establish the 3 key parts of the human being that 'work together' to help the individual to achieve successful growth. The MIND commands the BODY. What is it that commands the MIND? It is our SELF energy... The mysteriously unique and incredibly complex energy that exists within all humans. The source for success ; ) Infrared videos are a helpful tool to establish the value/significance toward the energy within living human beings.
Infrared Video Reference 1: "More Than The Eyes Can See" - Youtube Video
Infrared Video Reference 2: 'Infrared Cameras - Thermal / Night Cameras' - Youtube Video
SLIDE 3: This slide is a valuable reminder to be mind-full of the inner desire to wake-up each day with the intention to engage our ability to FOCUS when we wake up and throughout the day. It's also a reminder of the importance of a HIGH VIBRATION when learning as an individual and when being a part of a community/environment/atmosphere focused on progressive learning/growth.
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: How Focus Helps YOU; After establishing the stop - think- focus process of turning on the brain, this slide brings forward 3 great examples that almost everyone can relate to. Firstly, how a baby first learned to walk. It started with an idea, the baby then started to think about it and then after focusing the baby learned to walk. Once you teach yourself to walk with focus... did you have to teach yourself again? "No!" The second example being the process of learning how to ride a bike. It starts with the idea, then the human thinks about it as we realize it is a challenge to learn how to balance without training wheels. We may give up on the process along the way but one day something changed... One day you said to your-self; "I'm SERIOUS... Today's the day... I'm going to learn how to ride my bike today...!" This is the point where the focus 'magic' begins. When you command your focus it will help you to achieve your goal. Once you taught yourself how to balance on a bike, did you have to teach yourself again...? "No!" And that's the point. Learning in a focused state of mind creates learning that lasts. Once the individual is convinced that focus has already worked for them, the question then becomes - What's your story? How can you use focus in school and after school to be in control of writing your own life story.
SLIDE 2: Focus AWARENESS; After having established that focus is significant and influential, this slide is intended to help the learner visualize what parts of the brain process our senses and focus abilities. More importantly, our AWARENESS of it. There is a part of the mind that is responsible for helping us to realize who we are and our ability to influence our growth.
SLIDE 3: Growth Strength GOAL; After establishing that our minds have the ability to help us realize our inner abilities, this slide is intended to help the learner visualize the ideal process a human being can follow from birth to senior stage of life. The main point being if the individual becomes aware of their focus ability before the age of 20 years old, this will directly influence the strength of their ability to use it in the future. The main reason being; the internal wiring that takes place in the first 20 years can be referred to as HARD WIRING. In short, the sooner we can learn to be aware of our focus ability the better... because engaging focus is the KEY to unlocking our future growth potential. Young adults can also capture this ability after the age of 20 as the body is still quite malleable within the first half of the human being average 80-100 year life cycle. Essentially, wiring strength and abilities are still accessible, however less likely if the human has not yet become aware of their ability to use focus to influence their growth. When the human is able to realize this ability within the first half of the life cycle, their ability to continue using focus continues until a much later stage of the life cycle. In some cases, especially if learned in the first 20 years, this strength will last right up until the senior stage.
Breakdown for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: 10 Growth Mindset Statements - Brainstorming Worksheet
Focusing on the statement "What can I say to myself...?" - challenge your-self (staff & students) to self-reflect regarding how you speak with your-self. What style/intensity of commands are you sending to your mind and are your thoughts helpful/supportive toward your individual growth. The mind is listening carefully to your thoughts and is ready to respond. If healthy, happy, productive individual growth is the goal, it is essential to build a habit/routine toward self-talk with a growth mindset. The challenge with this worksheet is to brainstorm & compare fixed mindset and growth mindset statements as we learn how to have a growth mindset with specific statements.
SLIDE 2: Top 3 examples of common statements. "It's good enough..." being a common goal that one might settle for - when really we're capable of much more when we focus. "I can't do this..." being a common statement that one might say to avoid effort because the challenge appears to be too difficult or boring - when really we're capable of accomplishing what we choose to focus on. "I'm awesome at this..." being a common statement that can back-fire one's level of success. It's important to always leave room for improvement while one gains confidence with the skills/abilities they obtain. At the same time this slide introduces the mental, physical and radioactive benefits toward choosing to maintain a growth mindset.
Mental Benefit: You're teaching your-self one of the best habits/routines possible that will help us to achieve success with our life/goals... "To believe in your-self!"
Physical Benefit: You're physically wiring up your neurons with connections that strengthen your abilities/memories that lead to greater successes.
Radioactive Benefit: Your personality (persona) character (karma) will be powerful and attractive. We're radioactive beings and we're evaluating each other's vibrations at all times. The key is to become aware of 'who you are' and how you show it... (your vibration). Your thoughts, actions and words work together to create your 'vibe'. Your thoughts and how you speak to your-self being the most important part. If one chooses to maintain a healthy growth mindset, their actions and words often portray their positive attitude/spirit.
SLIDE 3: The original example - 10 Growth Mindset Statements. A helpful tool to open the discussion within your-self and within your classroom. Classrooms are encouraged to come up with their own top 10 statements starting with 'fixed statements' that have been heard in the classroom. Then brainstorming with the class the 'growth mindset' opposite for each statement. Kick-starting the process toward teaching the individual how to be mind-full each day and along the way...

Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: The Science Of Vibrations; This slide introduces 2 significant science experiments.
Dr. Emoto (The Rice Experiment)
Video Reference: Dr. Emoto - Rice Experiment - Youtube Link
Ikea (Plant Experiment)
Video Reference: Ikea - Plant Experiment - Youtube Link

SLIDE 2: Also known for the 'Water Experiment', we take a closer look at Dr. Emoto's Rice Experiment that establishes the value of a 'high Vibration' - or Happy, Healthy, POSITIVE (thoughts, actions, words). The experiment shows that there is strength within a high vibration. A 'low vibration' can be described as angry, hate, fear based energy that appears to negatively influence the strength of the rice/plant/body/being/matter. It is very important NOT to confuse a low vibration with a shy, quiet or introverted individual. Being shy or introverted does not mean you're a low vibration. A high vibration is attainable for every-one.
SLIDE 3: With the awareness of a high vibration at the forefront of our mindset - this slide reviews the radioactive factor - reminding us that our actions and words create a measurable impact within us and outside of us in our surrounding school environment & community. The overall reminder is that there is strength in choosing to have a positive attitude and a high vibration. Just like the rice and plants, you're essentially maintaining a signal of strength within your (mind,body,self) at the molecular level that is highly influential to the success of your growth process/potential.

Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: As the sense of individuality and self-awareness builds within the school (culture), this slide is a review & representation toward:
a. Our self-energy can be used to focus when we choose to use it... believe in it. When one chooses to use their energy in this way - focus will help the individual to achieve greater successes in school AND assist the individual to maintain a state of inner self-awareness related to their behaviour/attitude/vibe.
b. A reminder that the human has a inner sense related to survival. Meaning, most humans appear to know when they're in danger or threatened. It's an inner sense that appears to just 'show up' at the right times to help keep the human safe/alive. This survival sense is always operating and when a human is confronted with a situation that requires safety/survival - the engagement of this sense initializes & utilizes most of the individuals focus/energy as the situation is a top priority from the perspective of the 'survival sense'. For example: When camping in the woods - when trying to enjoy yourself and then a mama bear and two cubs enter your campsite. You know their hungry and you immediately drop what you're doing to focus on your safety/survival. Then when the danger is gone you're able to settle down and re-focus on other things or simply relax.
It's not too much different when a student is being bullied in a school community environment. Accept possibly worse if the unsafe situation does not pass and continues for a long period of time. This creates extended usage of the individuals survival sense and uses up valuable focus/energy. Schools are designed to help people learn, grow & succeed by assisting individuals to prepare for their life journeys. The human mind learns best in a positive and caring environment that has a culture of heath, happiness & high vibration. This slide is a great reminder that it is each of our owns responsibility to consider the value of having a positive attitude inside & out. Then upon consideration to essentially translate these beliefs into actions & words with a positive attitude and a growth mindset. By choosing to have a positive attitude you're directly affecting your inner ability to succeed each day and along the way. At the same time your directly contributing to others within your school community by being an (ambassador, ranger, officer, representative, member) of safety/positivity.
SLIDE 2: SUCCESS - This slide focuses on the topic of success. Where does success come from and how does one attain it? There are many examples of achieving success - however the key here is to concentrate at the root of all successes by determining how the individual translates thoughts, actions, and abilities into the focus & effort that's required to turn intentional goals into real life successes. This slide asks the questions: "Are your teachers responsible for your success?" or "Are your parents (or those who're caring for you) responsible for your success?" It is determined the answer is - Yes, they have a responsibility to guide your success but ultimately it's each individuals responsibility to learn to manage their own success eventually.
Success starts with YOU... acknowledging your abilities and giving your-self the credit you deserve ; ) Then translating that acknowledgement into action by choosing to focus your-self growth with a positive attitude. By doing so - you'll most certainly notice your ability to achieve your success with less resistance. You'll also be viewed by others as a good example toward what a focused growth mindset & positive attitude looks like. Essentially teaching OTHERS. Even if you're not interested in joining a 'leadership team' - your own inner strength & integrity will radiate a vibe of positivity and encouragement within your surrounding class/community of learning. When we apply the Stop, Think, Focus methodology:
STOP is the subject. SUCCESS
THINK is the root most significant requirement to engage success. SELF (energy)
FOCUS asks the question: "How does this work together to lead to success?" DISCIPLINE
Discipline being introduced as the difference between living from the 'inside-out' - VS - 'outside-in'. Learning to believe in self/energy will help the individual to talk to their-self with a positive attitude/approach. When one learns the value of self-evaluation - this can lead to a greater ability to engage the discipline required to get through the challenges & most difficult aspects of life. The harder the challenge that's overcome - the greater the well deserved gratitude the individual feels inside after choosing not to let go of their focus/energy/strength/power along the pursuit to successfully achieve the goal.
SLIDE 3: SUCCESS = SELF DISCIPLINE - It is determined with the previous 2 slides that self-discipline is a key requirement to work through the challenges and not give up on our goals/successes. Others that care about us can encourage us from the 'outside' but that fuel will only take you part of the way... Focus from the 'inside' is the fuel that lasts because the individual knows the value of their own effort. This slide takes a look at the value of success related to inner focus & understanding toward values/virtues/morality. It is established earlier in the presentations that humans are VALUABLE. The distinction is made related to the two key words within this word. ( valu-able ) The connection is made between how a human being shows how valu-able they really are... Where does human integrity come from? It is determined that there are a 'family' of words that work together that describe/show the humans deeper/inner understanding toward the value of these words. It is determined that inner focus/thought helps the individual to consider these never ending questions...:
"How can you really truly show _________ on the outside, if you don't take the time to think/reflect on what that really truly means to you on the inside?"
It is determined when one is known as a human being with INTEGRITY - it is because they're an outstanding example of someone that has taken the time to understand values/virtues/morality and chosen to translate their reflections into a desire to live from the inside-out.
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: Introduction slide for the Individual Leadership - Growth & Success session. More often than not, when people think about 'leadership' their thoughts go toward someone or something out-side of them. Stimulus, encouragement, direction, control from an outside source that is trying to guide you in a particular direction. However, this session focuses on the INDIVIDUAL focusing and choosing to use LEADERSHIP within their-self. Self-discipline and self-awareness with a positive attitude/vibration that helps the individual to build a habit/routine toward thinking deeply & carefully. Now depending on what one chooses to think deeply about it can take you in a direction that is not so good. So it is critical to keep in mind the root goals being health, happiness, growth & success when engaging your deeper thought abilities (focus). With that premise at the forefront of the mindset - this slide asks KEY questions related to the individual and their goals. The comparison is presented: The difference between goals that are placed in front of you by others and goals that are self-initiated/self-motivated.
STOP: Realizing the concept of goals is the first step.
THINK: Acknowledging that effort & goals are good for growth and accepting them as a valuable part of life/living.
FOCUS: Utilizing focus while taking responsibility for your goals, your growth & your success through deeper thought, positive attitude/vibration, self-motivation, growth mindset and inner desires to make the most of this journey called life...
SLIDE 2: Growth Mindset (habits/routines) Intention Calendar: Once the individual realizes and accepts that creating focused goals, habits & routines is the avenue to a lifetime with greater successes - this slide/calendar is a tool to help organize one's goals while in the process of visualizing with more clarity - physically creating the neural networks called habits & routines at the same time. Although everyone learns at a different/unique pace - it is safe to say that it takes about one month to create a habit/routine with repetitive focus/thought/attention to the goal. Healthy goals like eating better, self-discipline & behaviour, better grades, stronger athletics as well as improvement/repair goals such as quitting smoking and rejecting harmful drugs & substances that do NOT support your healthy growth & development.
SLIDE 3: 4 Essential Factors for Human Survival & Success:
This slide takes a look at the topic of LIFE LEARNING and asks the question:
"Is learning just 'something' we do... or is it possibly one of the most important essential aspects of our lives?"
When we review what a human being actually needs from an essential perspective, it is determined that air and the earth are a given. Once we're born, the human requires FOOD, SLEEP, EXERCISE and... LIFE LEARNING... it's the process that is always taking place once we're born even if we're not really paying attention or realizing that we're growing. The KEY here is to enlighten the individual to the possibilities that open up when they realize the critical importance of learning. This slide adds value and encouragement toward choosing to embrace focus while we learn as the tool to create memory that lasts, healthy growth and greater success throughout our lives. Love/vibe are added to this slide as a closing note toward the value of bringing forward these essentials with a positive attitude and high vibration.
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: The best YOU is a healthy YOU! The challenge is to create habits/routines that support your daily ability to focus and your long term ability to achieve your goals with continued success along your journey. Food that is 'alive' will provide you with the most valuable nutrients/vitamins/minerals compared to food that is 'dead' or processed. The intention of this slide is not to dismiss processed items, meats or the tastes many people want to enjoy - but rather to add value and encouragement toward maintaining habits/routines that include a good (greater...) portion of foods that are alive and full of fresh healthy powerful nutrients.
SLIDE 2: Nutrients come from...? Although we will find nutrients in meats and even a measurable amount within other processed foods - when we follow the food chain to the root - it takes us literally to the roots. Nutrients come from the ground. Healthy mineral/vitamin/nutrient rich earth that stores this magical combination of potential until it can grow into a living plant, fruit, vegetable, nuts, herbs & spices, etc... This slide helps to establish where we can find the best sources of foods with the most to offer our focus/energy. When we grow food ourselves with focus, care and attention to nurturing healthy growth - that same energy (vibration) is stored in the food that is growing. That energy (vibration) in the food, when consumed it becomes part of you. When we purchase food from the markets or large stores, we may lose some nutrient potential due to the production process to grow it in abundance. (chemicals, pesticides, etc) Additionally the food was likely grown with machines and rarely (or never) touched by a caring human hand. Therefore the vibration that is stored in the food is different - compared to what you can know/trust by growing your own food. Learning to pay attention to food producers that still try their best to maintain optimal health value through the production process will help you to enjoy some convenience while optimising your nutrient intake potential. It's the RED ZONE you really want to discipline. If you're eating mostly red zone processed food, it's safe to say that your getting very little fresh powerful nutrients to help feed your focus. In the red zone you're not really feeding your focus/energy... you're essentially feeding your hunger for the most part.
SLIDE 3: BEST FOOD - Related to the 30 Day (1 month) Super Charge Your Focus Challenge, you're encouraged to learn the value/power of fresh foods for/within your (body, mind & self). Take the 60 day challenge and experience the remarkable enlightenment that has the potential to take your focus/energy to new levels of success perhaps even beyond what you ever thought was possible for you. Experience what clarity of mind/thought feels like as well as a greater ability to manage your emotions, happiness and overall positive attitude.
The ultimate challenge is: Schools to interlink gardens, greenhouses and food growth/consumption knowledge as part of the learning curriculum & environment. The food produced can also be used to feed the students and fuel their focus.
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: Stimulate your Neurons - To Learn - is - To Live: This slide paints a picture toward the value of choosing to embrace our abilities to utilize 'effort/focus' as we learn. It helps to establish that the 'act' of focus/learning is the key factor to 'stimulate your neurons'. When the individual engages this stimulation - it creates a stronger signal/expansion of chemical & electrical energy within the mind/body. This increased signal/strength is a response to your command within your-self to focus and the mind/body is always paying close attention to your commands as it evaluates what is required to keep you safe/strong/alive for survival in your surrounding environment/world... When the individual chooses to utilize focus/stimulation as a daily habit/routine - this increased strength becomes acknowledged by the mind/body. The mind/body essentially accepts that there always appears to be a 'reason' to stay alert/focus/learn/stimulate within your surrounding environment and on this planet. With that acceptance and inner respect for the requirement to learn - the mind/body translates this habit/routine into life preserving energy. Meaning, stimulating the brain can be described as helping to slow down the aging process. The mind/body is less likely to show signs of getting older as soon as those that choose not to stimulate their minds daily because the signal to the mind/body is weaker. The mind/body translates this weaker signal into a message that there does not appear to be very much to get excited about within your surroundings or on this planet. Your essentially telling the mind/body it is not as necessary for it to function. After an extended period of time the mind/body eventually agrees with the individual and begins to accept the habit/routine of being relaxed or lazy. As the individual continues to choose not to stimulate their minds (or get excited about learning/life) the mind/body essentially will begin to show signs of aging faster. Similar to the story of the 'energizer bunny'... ("Stilllllll going...!") The little bunny is always on the move... exploring new adventures, stimulating it's mind and learning while essentially charging its own battery along the way. If the bunny lost interest in its 'self/energy' - it then begins to age, lose power (the will to grow, succeed, continue) and dies faster at that point. Self-awareness, self-discipline, self-care, self-talk & 'will power' can be defined as:
'The energy created as a result of believing in your-self.'
The question is presented: "Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with this statement about YOU?"
Once the individual takes the time to reflect/realize the value toward choosing to embrace life/learning - the increased chemical & electrical energy will create a measurable impact toward one's ability to live longer, stronger, healthier, happier and achieve greater successes. Choosing to AGREE with this knowledge appears to be a critical & significant self-step toward growth & success.
SLIDE 2: Growth Websites, TV, Music & Movies - This slide introduces the difference between a learning environment that is controlled/protected such as (schools) - VS - a learning environment that the individual is choosing to create for their-self. Meaning: 'What do you choose to do (pay attention to & stimulate your mind) on your own time away from school, sports and other environments that are controlled/organized for you? This slide highlights the importance of self-awareness and self-discipline when considering one's habits & routines. Meaning, the importance of being aware that information from websites, tv, music and movies enters your mind. Additionally, these exterior aspects of life/learning have factors that cause the mind to become stimulated (create memory - habits/routines) even if the individual is not aware that their mind is paying close attention to the stimulus. Therefore, depending on what you're focusing on... the stimulus can assist your growth & success or it can cause harmful distractions that hinder your growth & success. This slide adds value to the topic of habits/routines and the importance of being aware of the information/stimulus that you allow into your mind.
SLIDE 3: Maintain your Mainframe - To Learn - is - To Live - This slide introduces the comparison between (a human brain & 100 billiion neurons) and (a computer hard drive & circuitry). Most people would agree that if one chooses to use their computer to visit websites that are not growth focused (Illegal downloading,, torrent sites, porn, etc...) there is a much greater potential for the computer to capture a virus and other harmful fragments that will cause it to eventually break down, crash or worse. This slide introduces this concept is similar to what can happen to the human brain if the individual chooses to allow harmful information into their mind for processing................. Just remember - once the information get's in... it can be much harder to remove it afterwards if/when/should you realize something harmful is taking place within your self/mind/body. It appears the best advice is to use self-discipline to avoid anything that is harmful to your growth & success.
Background for the above 3 slides:
SLIDE 1: INTERNET - A reminder to utilize our focus and stimulate our minds with information that is supportive/helpful toward our continuous growth. Information from the internet is abundant and when surfing this unlimited world of stimulus - self-discipline is essential. Meaning, intent to use the internet for healthy & productive individual growth. If/when the internet presents you with anything that is NOT related to your focused intention (goal) - use self-discipline to avoid letting information into your mind that can distract you from your growth focused intentions. (habits / routines)
SLIDE 2: MUSIC has the ability to influence your state of mind (emotions/feelings) due to it's radioactive aspects. Meaning music enters your mind and processes it. Your mind is often paying attention to more than what your choosing to focus on specifically. Therefore, it is filing and categorizing information from the music stimulus you're focusing on. Music itself is a wonderful thing and fantastic for stimulating the mind for growth. However, when musicians begin to open their mouth and start adding lyrics to their creations - this is the KEY area for consideration/concern. It is recommended that if health, happiness and high vibrations is the goal - to avoid listening to music/artists that don't compliment your desired goal. What you focus on will expand... so the goal is to use self-discipline and choose to focus on growth (music) information for your mind.
Music / lyrical Video Reference: Prince Ea - Growth Music/Information
SLIDE 3: MOVIES has an even greater ability to influence your state of mind. Even for people that may have difficulty focusing for a long period of time - why is it that those same people are able to sit attentively for a 2 hour movie in a theatre or home environment and remember parts of those movies for years afterwards? The reason is because movies have a significant ability to stimulate your mind and create lasting memories. The question is: Do those memories that are created compliment or distract your healthy, happy individual growth & success.
Movie Video Reference: Pay It Forward - Movie Trailer - Youtube Video