The Canada Goal - Art Of Focus - Elementary (Primary) Schools

The Canada Goal elementary schools (Art Of Focus) keynote presentation has been prepared with the understanding of how children learn at a primary level. The GOAL is to assist young learners to internalize their inner ability to use FOCUS and to become AWARE of their ability to control it as the key to growth/success.

The main approach is to draw close attention to KEY words that relate to the healthy development of an individual as they grow. (THINK & FOCUS, Learn, Goals, Success, Self, Respect, Honesty, Caring, Responsibility, Community) These key words help to paint a picture for the individual to realize that they're valueable with the ability to influance their efforts/growth. When an individual can see themselves as valuable, they're more likely to form a mindset of growth with the desire to succeed throughout the journey of life. We (teachers/parents) speak to our students/children about these words. However, when this information is put forward in a stimulating learning environment, the learner is in a ideal surrounding to focus deeply with a mindset that is engaged. In a stimulating learning environment, the human mind is most likely to absorb/remember the information put forward because it is 'FOCUS' that creates memory. Uniquely focused events such as The Canada Goal will create an enriched learning environment that helps stimulate the mind for greater long term learning/growth potential.

Learning through listening to an energetic keynote speaker
Learning through watching/visuals - simple slides & short videos
Learning through action/doing role plays & fun mind/body stimulation activities

The result is a significant step forward for the individual learner(s) that can directly affect their ability to successfully utilize education. In addition, a deeper understanding toward the meaning (value) of these concepts (words) with a preliminary comprehension to help translate them into meaningful aspects of life in the future.

Teaching learners how to learn is a critical pillar to equip them with 'the tools' to make the most of their day(s). However, it appears that 'the desire' is equally important if not more of a significant factor at the root of one's ability to learn. Therefore, another main approach within The Canada Goal is to draw closer attention to self-awareness/worth, character development, behaviour and self-discipline.

(C) Key concept (V) Key vocabulary; (G K-4 or 5, 50-60min)
(C) YOU're VALUABLE! (V) Individual, valuable, body, mind, self
(C) Who are YOU? (V) Actions, words, behaviour awareness
(C) SUCCESS starts with YOU! (V) Goals, mindset, effort, self-discipline, success, growth
FOCUS inside YOU (V) Respect, honesty, caring, responsibility

Optional: (Level 2 and 3 Schools)
STAFF - Follow Up & Review (V) The GOAL - Creating/nurturing a school culture
STAFF SESSION - Levels Of Engagement - More Information

The Canada Goal - Mindset Warm Up
Primary - Art Of Focus Session - K to G4
At the beginning of the session it is important that we enter a 'focused' state of mind in order to be prepared for the potential for growth. A short video that establishes the difference between 'thinking' and 'thinking deeply'... or FOCUS. When you ask your brain to try something, it will listen to you. When you ask your brain to think about it, you'll do better. However, the brain responds differently when you send a focus command...!
The Canada Goal - Trip Out To Space
Primary - Art Of Focus Session - K to G4

Near the beginning of the session we have already established our magical ability to use FOCUS. At this point the intention is to help the individual begin to realize the idea of 'self' by 'taking a trip' to space and returning to our 'home planet earth'... Assisting the young learners to visualize this opportunity to live/learn on earth and in school with FOCUS.

Do you really feel this performance is 'appropriate' for elementary schools?
Yes! Teachers, administrators and parents have encouraged the development of this initiative. Although some of the younger students may not grasp all of the KEY words (concepts), it is important in this modern age of information to equip young learners with knowledge (vocabulary) required to develop into healthy individuals motivated to achieve their best. Due to technology expansion over the past 20-30 years, modern generations of children are being exposed to a abundance of information (stimulation) that has been proven to affect their mind (character) development. This event is intended to assist young learners to begin to process this abundance of information bombarding them from the outside with greater clarity & confidence on the inside...

Based on the consistent track record of successful school visits and the feedback from young students, teachers, administrators & parents; " You will not be disappointed ! "