The Canada Goal - Food Matters - Information & Resource

The Canada Goal  will help to share valuable information about food and how our daily eating habits & routines affect our ability to be mindful or to engage focus.  Food directly affects one's ability to think clearly.  (FOCUS)  Learning is a part of daily life (especially as a child/youth) and the ability to think clearly will assist individuals to achieve their full potential.  A lack of FOCUS can make life difficult for the individual as well as those (Teachers & Educational Assistants) that are providing support in the school/community.  This initiative is intended to provide core facts about food and perspective for those that wish to supercharge their focus/growth potential.  Learn (or be reminded) about healthy eating facts that have been passed on for many generations...
Information relating to this initiative is reviewed as part of the Leadership Session.  The KEY concepts in this segment will encourage participants to consider where they can get the best directly influential nutrients that will feed the minds ability to focus.  There are distinct differences between how our bodies react to the foods we eat.  Generally, FRESH FOODS obtain direct nutrient potential that can fast track our minds ability to utilize/maintain focus/mindfulness.  Generally, the more you process a food source, the less nutrient value.  In some cases, over processed foods (such as candy bars, potato chips and energy drinks) will decrease brain functions, cause drowsiness and increased irritation to one's surroundings.  As we review the difference between processed food products and 'fresh' foods - we're able to add value to the foods that feed our minds/focus.  This simplified introduction/summary to healthy eating habits will assist some individuals to create/maintain good daily eating habits & routines.
NOTE:  This session segment does not reflect on the topic of eating meat.  The intention of this segment is to simply focus on a food source that provides fast, direct, healthy and energised nutrients that affect the individual's ability to use/increase/discipline their focus/mindful abilities.
Special Note: The debate has been raised on a few occasions regarding lower income communities and their ability to access these fresh 'healthy' foods. In response: It appears to boil down to these 3 main points:
1. If we agree that fresh healthy foods are critically important for us to achieve our greatest focus/growth potential - it appears the KEY question is 'how to' access these foods.
2. How motivated are the leaders within the community to lead by example? It is important for students and staff within the school communities to take ACTION toward developing/maintaining obvious initiatives that show the importance of healthy eating habits & routines. Ideas such as: Daily nutrition breakfast club, healthy alternatives in school canteens, educational posters posted on the walls, specific health food focused event(s) or 'Health Day' and for some school cummunities - school greenhouse & garden beds on school property and/or at students homes for a more direct learning experience.
3. What about the lower income families that may have some difficulty accessing these foods? One option is to avoid educating these young individuals in detail about this critically important modern topic. However, when you consider that education and knowledge is KEY to one achieving their greatest potential - it appears almost wrong not to emphasize the importance of this topic as we do our best to give/teach them the tools to choose for themselves. For some, we may be planting seeds that won't grow until sometime in the future. For others, we may fuel the desire to simply try harder to FOCUS on this very important aspect of life/living. What you FOCUS on will expand...
A teacher shared this example after a school presentation;
"It costs about $30 for a meal for 4 at a fast food restaurant... and you can purchase a healthy meal or two at the supermarket for the same price... or even better - GROW IT if you can! So a big part of the challenge is focus - habits & routines."
Resources regarding the importance of FOOD related to FOCUS can be helpful to learn more about this important aspect of life/living. is one helpful hotspot for those who wish to seek more knowledge, information and guidance.