The Canada Goal - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

There are several sessions available. Which session(s) are you presenting when you travel through our Division/District?

SESSION 1: KEYNOTE - The Art of Focus
Primary version (45-55min) , Jr & Sr version (75min)
SESSION 2: LEADERSHIP - Individual Leadership & Success
Jr & Sr version (60min)
SESSION 3: TEAM BUILDING - Gym Blast / Games-Teams Format
Jr & Sr versions (60-90min)
Sr only (*Planning required - usually individual or small group initiatives)

Elementary Schools:  (K-4) Keynote session only.
Junior High Schools:  (up to) a full day of sessions.
Senior High Schools:  Keynote only - or - (up to) a full day of sessions.

What is the cost?

The Canada Goal - Special Event

Individual  School(s):
Honorariums are negotiated to consider travel & production expenses for a 2 man crew. 

Divisional / District  initiatives:
(One school each school day - 3 to 10 schools - up to 2 weeks)
School divisions/districts are encouraged to work together as it is most effective to schedule consecutive dates when planning to travel across the country.  This is usually the result of a division/district recommendation (memo) sent out to schools - and/or - intuitive and connected administrative representatives that take the initiative to contact other administrators once they have reviewed the programme.
* Excellent tool to support all or select schools for academic/individual success
* Cost effectiveness - Negotiable flat rate agreements  &  Less travel expenses

It is understood school budgets can make it difficult to host valuable learning initiatives throughout the year(s) especially for small schools.  The Canada Goal does not receive funding or sponsorship at this time but there is a wholehearted commitment at the root of this initiative that helps to maintain a fair/realistic approach toward school bookings.
(Honorariums usually range between $500 - $1,000 for up to a full day of sessions)
(Far north & coastal locations may be asked to consider a flat rate agreement considering the distance required to travel)

We have 'at risk' students and wonder if this would benefit our school?

The sessions are designed for all people and flexible enough to maintain the attention of 'at risk' individuals.  The very first Canada Goal presentation years ago was to a group of 25 high school (Sr) students in a 'Off Campus - At Risk' programme. The teachers both felt that their students would not listen or pay attention for more than 10-15 minutes... 75 minutes later every student was clapping.

How many participants can attend a session?

The sessions are popular with large groups (100-1000 students or more). Individual or small group speeches are just as common as larger presentations. (100 students or less).

Do you have current security references?

Assuring the creditability of anyone in the position of leading others (especially children & youth) is a common and respectable practice. Security references can be provided upon request.