The Canada Goal - Goals Review & Celebration - Gym Blast

The Canada Goal TEAM BUILDING (Gym Blast) Goals Review Celebration;
LEVEL 3 (One week) SCHOOLS ONLY; This session is designed to be a review and celebration of the accomplishments from the school community after only 1 week of focus and engaging THE GOAL. It is important to recognize, honour and reward ourselves and each other for our accomplishments. The vibration is amplified when the process can take place as one full school community.
A common schedule for the Team Building (Gym Blast) Goals Review & Celebration Session;

1. Individual and/or group success stories; Individuals or groups of individuals will be recognized by the school community for extraordinary successes that took place during the week.

2. LAYERS Presentations; Layers are goals that are set forward at the beginning of the week that require the extracurricular focus of participants for the entire week in order to accomplish the goal. Meaning, students are required to accomplish these goals on 'their own time' before and after school. Layers presentations may include a videographer challenge where a group of students will be tasked with recording & documenting the successes that are taking place at the school during the week then post editing the documentation into a final draft feature presentation. Another layer is the Visual Arts Team... This team will be challenged with creating visuals in the school and around the school that relate to the goal in order to help the community remain engaged with THE GOAL long after the level 3 one week engagement has passed. Finally, another layer presentation is the Musical/theatrical Team/Group. This group will be tasked with learning, practicing and performing music and/or theatrical performances.
3. Final review of THE GOAL; As the celebration establishes that focus will bring forward growth & success for the individual and community... we're reminded of the importance of remaining engaged. The intention of this level 3 one week engagement was not to see what can be accomplished in just one week... but rather to translate what we've learned into valuable habits/routines that will last for a lifetime of growth & successes.
4. Team Building - Game(s) & Activities Wind-Up; The school is divided into 4 equal teams. Students participate at their comfort level as they 'work together' to build their team points. All teams are reminded that the goal is TEAM BUILDING and not necessarily to be 'the winner'. The FOCUS is on the value of 'working together' as a school community/team.