The Canada Goal - Team Building Gym Blast & School Spirit Session

The Canada Goal TEAM BUILDING (Gym Blast) School Spirit Session;
A fun, clean and enjoyable team building experience. Built team spirit, celebrate spirit day/week, graduations & special events with the Great Times - Game Show Team Building Theme Event. This session is ideal for schools and leadership teams looking for creative ideas to positively engage student interaction. Individual classrooms, theme events or full school team building sessions are available with keynote guest speaker (show host) Andre Genthon & Great Times Events. (

Students participate at their comfort level as they 'work together' to build their team points. All teams are reminded that the goal is TEAM BUILDING and not necessarily to be 'the winner'. The FOCUS is on the value of 'working together' as a school community/team.

" Losing isn't failing... Failing only happens when the will to win dies. " (My friend Tony Jr)

Key points(s); (Recommended G 4-12). (60-90 min)
Friendly competition - Clarify the FOCUS (TEAM BUILDING -vs- TO WIN)
Combined group effort - challenges for the entire team
Decision making - challenges that only require one or more team members
Problem solving - thinking deeply to solve fun challenges