The Canada Goal - Individual Leadership - Growth & Success

The Canada Goal - INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP - GROWTH & SUCCESS Session is intended to work together with 'The Art Of Focus' session as one comprehensive learning experience for junior & senior high participants. This session will provide knowledge, suggestions and encouragement toward 'HOW TO' translate a focused mindset into leadership 'ACTION'. When the word 'leadership' is put forward, many appear to quickly think about leading someone else (others) - for example a leadership team. However, it appears safe to say that if one chooses to be a 'leader', they will be in a strong position to be effective/successful when they obtain a well rooted inner understanding toward how to lead themselves.

FIRST SESSION - Art Of Focus; participants will be encouraged to use the 'art of focus' to become more aware of their self-worth and unique capabilities as miraculous human beings.
SECOND SESSION - Individual Leadership - Growth & Success; The session begins with participants being encouraged to internalize their focus ability into 'leadership' by setting & accepting short/long term goals for their individual growth. Goals appear to be the catalyst that motivate a leadership/action response. Premeditated goals help the individual to visualize the path for their growth. The next natural process is to take action that eventually leads to accomplishing the goal/growth/success. Once the individual is in a habit of realizing their focused goal setting is working for them time and time again, the key is to transition the habit into a conscious routine for a lifetime of successes. Essentially, one of the best habits/routines a human being can maintain - is their awareness of their habits/routines. Self awareness, self discipline and self control often being described as common traits people share at the roots of their successes.

LEVEL 1 OR LEVEL 2 SCHOOLS (one day school visit); Although the concept of goal setting is reviewed, participants will not be asked to brainstorm their goals in this moment as this is a delicate subject that requires time for reflection.
LEVEL 3 SCHOOLS (one week school visit): *Separate individual or small group goal setting sessions are organized to assist participants with the reflection/growth process.
With the importance of 'goals' at the forefront of participants mindsets, neuroscience visuals/tools are used to establish relevant key concepts that can assist an individual to visualize/lead their self (& others) with success. The session moves forward with acknowledging that the growth process within the school environment is organized and easier to stay on track with school goals/growth. Therefore, the focus for this session at this time will encourage participants to consider what their doing on their own time. Furthermore, how do our habits/routines outside of school affect our ability to stay on track with our overall growth goals? How can we utilize the focused mindset required at school to positively impact our focus/mindset outside of school, at home, in public and along the way?

The following is an outline of the topics reviewed within this session intended to stimulate growth for participants toward self awareness, self discipline and self control. (in school and outside of school);
Essential factors for human SURVIVAL & GROWTH; As a group we brainstorm essential factors. It is determined: Food - Sleep - Exercise and life learning/growth are among the most important aspects of our lives. Looking at one's life from an essential perspective can help participants to gain more appreciation for process of learning and the effort required to learn progressively. Participants become more aware of the valuable energy created by learning with a focused mindset. The importance of sleep is also reviewed as something similar to a rechargeable battery... If the battery does not get a full charge (period of sleep) the battery/body/brain cannot utilize the full capacity/capability. When you put together the awareness of human essentials along with a premeditated desire to learn/grow... the individual is then in a great position to utilize self control each day including in increased awareness of their habits/routines.
Healthy habits & routines - Food; Energy created by learning is just as important as energy created by eating nutritious food. (Nutrients) An interesting demonstration is put forward to establish where nutrient energy comes from and at what point/method of consumption will provide the most focus power/energy for the individual. Nutrients/minerals/vitamins (lack of them or an abundance of them) will directly affect one's ability to focus clearly and effectively. Healthy eating habits & routines and self-discipline are parallel factors toward achieving individual leadership success
Healthy habits & routines - Information; Human beings are what we do, say, eat, think, learn and what one focuses on will expand... It is determined that it is important to be cautious toward the information you allow into your mind something similar to what you allow into your body. The importance of self-control is refreshed with the reference; 'Maintain your Mainframe'. If a brain can be compared to how a computer operates - it is important to have a strong anti-virus system that is always protecting your hardware and for human beings that can be described as self-control or self discipline. Examples of this are put forward relating to time spent on the internet or watching TV as well as relating to movies and music. More often than not there will be a music performance at this point in the session as we begin to wind up with a musical/theatrical treat for everyone.
The Canada Goal - Self Discipline
Growth & Success Session - G 5-12
Near the middle of the session after having established that the human mind operates similar to a computer... We can all agree that it is a good idea to protect your computer from viruses and anything that can break down the strength of how its intended to operate. Similarly, it is important to have a virus protection for our mind... This can be described as self discipline and self control when staying on track with focusing on growth information for the mind.
The story of 'The Wolf'; To end the session we share a story about 'The Wolf' and the battle within each of us... the moral of the story establishes that we have the choice to be the best we can be and with self control we can/will feed the wolf that is best for our growth/success.
At the end of the session participants are introduced to the importance of remembering to be mindful. Mindfulness is not difficult to do; we just have to remember to do it... The Focus Feather is put forward as a tool for participant to accept as a symbol intended to remind us of our energy and ability to be mindful as we learn, live, grow.
LEVEL 1 and 2 SCHOOLS; Individual Leadership - Growth & Success session is (60 minutes).
LEVEL 3 SCHOOLS; Individual or small group sessions are articulately brainstormed.
(Recommended G 5-12)