The Canada Goal - Individual Leadership - Growth & Success

The Canada Goal - INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP - GROWTH & SUCCESS Session takes a focused look at 'HOW TO' put Individual (& group) leadership into 'ACTION' .

" Losing isn't failing... Failing only happens when the will to win dies. " (My friend Tony Jr)

This session promotes leadership as daily learning and healthy living with a positive attitude with a growth mindset. An introduction to neuroscience is used to help participants understand how daily learning is a key requirement to lead yourself (& others) with success. Focusing as we learn will stimulate your mind (neurons) sending valuable vibrant energy through your body each day and at the same time creating memories that last. Energy created by learning is just as important as energy created by eating good food. (Nutrients) This session refreshes the importance of healthy habits & routines and self-discipline as parallel factors toward achieving a lifetime of success. This session will provide knowledge and perspective toward making the best CHOICES and DECISIONS.

Key concept (C) & Key focus (F);
(C) Intro to neuroscience (F) Habits & Routines - FOCUS
(C) Good Intentions
(F) Daily Learning & TO LEARN is TO LIVE
(C) Health Watch (F) The best food & how it affects your MIND & BODY
(C) Good Information for your MIND
(F) Self-discipline
(C) Focus on your Future (F) FEED yourself your BEST

This session can be introduced in 60-75 minutes, articulately brainstormed in 90-120 minutes within small or large group settings.
(Recommended G 3 or 4-12)